January 1, 2014

Java analyzing thread creation time

In Java, the thread creation time increases with the number of thread that are already created, hence it is advisable to keep the thread count minimal and only create a Thread when actually needed.

The below gist is a minimal piece of java code that helps in proving this

December 25, 2013

Code Re-use or Build from scratch ?

You'll often here these terms in your programming life
- reuse is better
- code is made to be reused
- don't reuse other's code
- reuse of code breaks things

The above arguments each of them stand true in different scenarios. And this is the part most programmers miss. They hear one fact and applies it to all known problems in their life.

December 5, 2013

Meaining of Life - Spoken Word [video]

A great 7 min vid explaning the meaning of life, existance of a being and existance of one creator. From lebo2196. A must watch.

What are we doing here and where we gonna go?
It's like we just woke up one morning and then it's welcome to the show
Don't ask any questions just go with the flow.
Make as much money as you can and try your best not to get robbed.

December 3, 2013

Whats the buzzword 'programming best-practices' all about?

This post is about what does the programming best practices buzz word means, and not a actual list of the best practices(which will surely differ language to language and scenario to scenario, but the core best-practices would be the same, few of which discussed here).

It's kind of hard to think the usefull-ness of this buzz-word when it is taught(ok not actually taught ;)) in collage. You need to work on some actual project, mission critical app, or any software that deals with money ;), to understand it in real sense. Until then it's just another `yea-i-know-it-well` kind of word in your head.

December 2, 2013

KhanAcademy Tips to get going effeciently

KhanAcademy created by Salman Khan has recently launched a biggest change in the history of educational websites. They have created a great platform for people/student/teacher to ease the process of learning and spreading knowledge. There are thousands of byte-sized videos and interactive items to enchance one's knowledge in particular field. The topics range from basic Mathematics to Biology, Finance, Physics and many more. I find the content really useful, and is helping in understanding the subject I feared - Mathematics ;)