August 10, 2015

IIIT Hyderabad - My 1st week

Secured a place for Mtech CSE after clearing the PGEE exam (Paper-1 and Paper-2) of Tripple IIIT Hyderabad which was followed by a interview.

The college is really great and one won't expect it to be very disciplined in each aspect (there is a common view of all indian colleges, but this one is different). Mainly being computer science oriented, students are given projects that are in actual production and helping the college administration and day to day life. To give a example, there is a mess-portal for student to switch between different mess atleast a day prior, a flexibility I haven't seen anywhere. Moodle is used for each and every project. The admission process-portal is all developed by student and the entire process takes 1 hour. You fill a online form with all details and it generate all the documents
- admission letter
- fee receipt
- hostel allocation
- student id card
- bonafide
- and all other required

There is ample sports facility, football ground, basketball court, badminton court, TT, Gym.

All communications happen on email, and mostly big announcement happen an hour before, needing everyone to be vigilant all time.

Coming to the main point of education, the faculty is highly talented and qualified. There are lot of assignments and study-work to be done. With all these why won't the product of this college be one of the finest ? (This question I had earlier which is now answered once I got to be the student of this college :) ).

June 29, 2015

IITH PGEE 2015 Post PGEE Interview - Computer Science

After a month long waiting after the PGEE entrance (Paper-1 and Paper-2) was held, the result were announced by email at 4AM. Students who got the call had to come to Hyderabad after a week(12th June). Interviews were spread across 3 days (200 students on day 1, 196 on day 2 and 140 on day3 (aprox.)).

9 am was registration and a half hour presentation about college, followed by a faq round regarding interview and related stuff. There were 4 panels for CSE interview, I was in panel 1 number 29. After sitting whole day, I was called at 6 PM. The interview lasted for 20 mins.

There were 3 interviewers. They asked question ranging from B.Tech project to the challenging work done on job. Answered them all. I was not able to answer one question - What is and how to solve 15-puzzle game? I wasn't aware of that.

Rest they asked about min-max algo, I had used with my team during a 3-year project. They asked multi-threading as I had also used that on job.

Overall, interview was good, waiting for the result. Hope it won't be a long wait as it was for PGEE results.

May 11, 2015

Google Codejam 2015 contest overview - India perspective

About 25% of the contestant in Google Codejam 2015 were Indians. Below are few straight through stats,

Number of coders in qualification round: 5494 (Contest Dashboard)
Number of coder who qualified to round 1: 2044

April 26, 2015

It's all about self realization

One day,

  • You'll do regular exercise once you realize how important it yourself.
  • You'll realize how greedy we are - once you realize that your greed never ends, you keep on asking god for more wealth. Some day, you'll realize it's all about self-containment. Be content with what you have and be thankful.

April 24, 2015

IITH PGEE 2015 Paper II - Computer Science few questions from exam

Check Overview blog post of IIITH PGEE 2015 exam

Calculator was allowed for this paper. Paper consisted of 56 questions, 28 questions of 1 mark and 2 question of 2 marks. Time duration: 90 mins

- The interesting graph question on complement of a graph and it was asked what are options hold true.