March 6, 2015

Time is Running

Time is running.. It weird and complex to understand... You are aging.. Your number of years and months are increasing with each second getting passed. If you are sitting idle comfortable then it's really time to worry. Until life hits you in face with a brick you don't appreciate the value of time and the people who are close to you. Today's world is looking for a family that'll suit and balance the job you do.. But it should have been other way round.. That a job that'll suit you and your family must be your aim. 

The sooner you understand this the better its for you.

With great comfort comes precious time.

February 27, 2015

Salute to mothers of modern day Iqbals' and Syed Ahmad Khan's

My sincere salute to the mothers of Kamal SalehBoona Mohammad, G.I. Jabber, Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Ismail Menk,  guys and gals behind the 'The Merciful Servant' and 'The Daily Reminder' youtube channels. They have brought up such wonderful kids that have changed the world and lives of many people.

The first three are masters of Spoken word. Their work is thoght provking and have changed the way I live. Indeed God have granted them the skill that they are making use of very efficiently. They are the modern day Iqbals'. Few of the large number of great works from them are

February 26, 2015

Oracle Certified Java Professional :)

After giving SCJP(yea was thinking since then) study a start for about 3 times, since last 2 years, I have now completed the Oracle Certified Java Professional Certification.

December 30, 2014

NPTEL - C course completed successfully

IITs and IISC together have created a wonderful NPTEL program i.e. National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning. There are tons of recorded lectures for almost all the engineering streams. A very good resource for the 4 year engineering and also for many competitive exams like GATE.

July 27, 2014

Scripture My Hopes by Ibrahim Jaaber

i want to know mecca to medina by foot but i'm too busy with life
i want to know abraham like a father and i'll be the sacrifice
i want to know jerusalem like the true followers of christ
but moses did not know the promise land yet he was still granted paradise